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Web Design by Niva provides 100% guaranteed delivery of all emails with our affordable email marketing packages.

Email marketing is one of the best methods to reach many customers. Every minute thousands of people read all your emails, think that at least 10% of those potential customers may read your email, which may seem small to you, but it can generate more than 1000 visitors to your website. Working with Web Design by Niva you can expect one of the most innovative email marketing solutions focused on affordable business solutions.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a commercial message to a circle of people using email. No matter what you are offering, services or products, email marketing is a technique to connect your business with thousands of potential customers. Every email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered email marketing. It typically involves the use of email to send advertisements, offer business services, sales, or solicit contributions, and ensures engagement, trust, and brand recognition.

What are the benefits of using email marketing?

E-mail marketing can play a significant role in the growth of your business or organization. You can convert the previous visitors of your website into actual customers by keeping in touch with them by sending e-mail newsletters. Due to its comparative low cost, high ROI and focus on customer retention, it is considered as one of the best options.

Advantages of email marketing services:

  • Easily connect with worldwide audience

  • Lead generation

  • Generate quality web traffic

  • Promote communication with customers

  • The most affordable form of direct marketing

  • Target audience: geographically and demographically

Our email marketing services include the following:

Audience Research: Having important information about the potential customers is the foundation of an effective email campaign. Our teamwork for hours to find out the best time, place, age group, gender and even more to run Email advertisements. Audience research allows you to understand the important metrics such as preferences, goals, expectations, and personality of the mail receivers. We create relevant email sign-up forms to get all the information needed for research.

Campaign Design: An effective email design guarantees the achievements of the email campaign. Our team of email designers and writers will work with you to create high-quality email campaigns with advanced features for your business. We design customized responsive Emails themes with creative content to target a big number of potential customers to meet your objectives, whether it is targeting new audience or existing ones.

Email Optimization: Creating interesting emails is not enough, they need to be optimized to deliver a great user experience. We work with intelligent tools such as user history, analytics, and segmentation to make sure that the audience gets the mails that address their needs. We use email best practices to generate content that are perfectly customized for your business audience.

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation is an important element of an email campaign since it allows a business to establish a powerful connection with the customers. We use effective automation tools to deliver email messages to the right customers at the best time.

Analysis And Reporting: Delivering emails is not enough to improve your online presence. Regular analysis of the overall performance of a campaign is important to evaluate the value being delivered by email campaigns. At Web Design by Niva, we carefully evaluate the campaign results to study everything about the consumer metrics. Contacts click rate, email bounce rate, emails open, and many more that can be found after sending a campaign.

How will a newsletter help your business?

Newsletter marketing is a marketing tool that can help you build a relationship with existing customers. Have them sign up for email newsletters that contain new information about your business, coupons, offers, and new products. We do not send them long emails that have them sleepy after 5 minutes. If you really have a lot to share, we will add links that your customers can click on if they want the extra information.

Let Web Design by Niva Manage Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email Marketing is using email to distribute your marketing messages. Basically, email marketing is the business practice of sending an email to people on a list for selling them a product or service. The main object is to establish loyalty, mutual trust, and brand awareness. Advantages of Email Marketing gives several benefits to your business-marketing plan. This is because of the following attributes:

  • Email marketing is the most popular concept for online businesses, since online businesses began booming a few decades ago. Email marketing has become the primary means of communication and outreach, for large and small businesses alike. Consumers rely heavily on the internet which requires that business meet their customers in the middle. There is no better place than the internet to meet your business needs. Developing an email list with permission is an effective marketing strategy, as the email list contains contact details of prospective customers to increase your business sales.

Email Marketing Service for business in Miami, FL
  • Email marketing offers immediate communication between yourself and the prospective customer. An email list can be used to talk to potential customers, which result in immediate contact.

  • An email list helps the business owner to convert prospective customers. Just because, people visit your online site, it does not mean that they are willing to purchase your goods and services. Email marketing allows you to keep them regularly informed of your business products, by sending them promotional messages and emails. This gives your customers a chance to purchase these products sometime in the future.

  • When you keep in close contact with your customers through email lists, you will gain an improved understanding about what exactly interests them, and what needs to be done to respond them to buying your products. We can attach a feedback questionnaire to the email newsletter marketing campaign, to receive direct customer feedback. This feedback will help you customize your efforts to suit potential customers to convert into buying customers. Email lists will help you specifically meet the desires and requirements on your target audience.

Email Marketing to Drive Traffic

An effective email marketing campaign alert your customers about your company and it will be helpful in driving more traffic to your website. It also increases page rank. Here are some aspects of using email marketing and how it can be assisted you in SEO campaign.

When users have clicked on the link in email, they will get your landing page. A landing page should explain the idea about everything related to the product. Provide a relevant image, features, and benefits of product. You can encourage users to purchase it.

You can include effective SEO activities to run a successful email marketing campaign. Provide users newsletter database. These newsletter collections will let both users and search engine know that how well your company is doing in the marketplace.

Email lists are a great way of increases traffic to your website. You can build a list of emails from visitors of your website. When people register to become a member and sign up to your newsletter, you get their email address.

People will delete emails based on the subject line alone. If your subject line is not compelling, user will not open it. Spend more time on the subject line; it could simply double your open rate.

Your message should be clear about your product or service and has a clear purpose. Do you have a sale or starting a promotional campaign? Is there a contest?

You have subscribers around the globe? We send your email promotions according to the time-zone of your subscribers. By doing this you will ensure that your audience receive your email messages at the exact times when there are most likely to open them.

We monitor and analyze your email campaigns and subscribers. Take advantage of real-time insights into your campaigns, find out about your subscribers click rates, their location, and other actions important for your online marketing strategy.

Send out automatic welcome emails, birthday emails, drip campaigns, follow-ups, auto-responders and more. Just relax and let us take care of your e-mail marketing.

Improve your open rates with targeted campaigns and segmentation. We provide our clients with many metrics to choose from so only the proper target audience gets the proper email.

Tracking your email marketing campaign overall performance is easier with Web Design by Niva email marketing software program. You can very easily gain insight into what amount of people opened your email, just how many emails bounced, unsubscribe rates and click through statistics. We offer a variety of techniques to analyze and understand your marketing campaign overall performance with charts and data to help you increase your email campaigns.

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