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Are you looking to boost your website traffic, drive more sales, or improve your company’s revenues? Are you looking for competent and experienced PPC advertising specialists who can manage all your needs? Web Design by Niva is one this kind of PPC advertising service providing company that will manage all your requirements easily. We have experienced and qualified PPC management and marketing experts who can meet the needs of your business.


Pay Per Click advertising is an option provided by web search engines to accomplish search results visibility. It is a powerful brand promotion strategy that makes utilization of the internet to reach potential customers online through paid search marketing and advertising.


Pay Per Click advertising is a cost-effective strategy which drives traffic towards your online business. For those who have a new webpage, it may take some time for it to show up on top in organic searches, for this reason PAY-PER-CLICK marketing is considered the most ideal internet marketing system. A good thing about PAY-PER-CLICK services is that you only pay if a potential customer interacts with your advertising campaign and clicks on it.


PAY-PER-CLICK service is one of the effective ways to appear in front of people who are looking for your services and products. There are many people who think that PAY-PER-CLICK is not important for their online business. You can speed up your online business development with the right PAY-PER-CLICK advertising campaign designed by the proper procedure. To improve the presence of your online business via PAY-PER-CLICK advertising, we follow a next procedure:

We know how important it is to search the proper keywords and choose them for the marketing campaign. The correct keyword analysis puts a big impact for the advertising campaign. We analysis and select the best quality keywords that may provide you with the highest level of conversions with lowest investment. We continue to keep a frequent check on advertising spends by competition and then adjust our campaigns to make sure that we do not lose out on any possibilities.


Soon after getting most suitable keywords, content is the next phase that has an important function inside the success of an advertising campaign. We ensure that the content our company is using inside the campaigns is interesting and attractive enough to drive even more income to your business.

After research and analysis, our team of PAY-PER-CLICK experts bid on keywords that will be more likely to provide you with great RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Putting in a bid properly reduces cost and boosts RETURN ON INVESTMENT. PPC is an expensive process, therefore we ensure that you will receive a higher RETURN ON INVESTMENT on campaigns created by our specialists.

Our Clients can monitor the success of the campaigns closely. Our clients can check every single click through price, ROI and traffic reports. We generate a comprehensive advertising campaign report in an easy format to ensure that our customers can easily understand and evaluate the results.

Our Strategy:

As a PPC agency in Miami. Our PPC strategy have helped small businesses across different industries accomplish extraordinary results on their digital marketing ad spends.

  • Understand your specific business structure, advertising campaign goals, competition and target audience.
  • Create a custom strategy personalized around your business goals and objectives using best suited PPC advertising strategies.

  • Use advanced testing methods to guarantee successful ad spending before advertising campaign will take off.

  • Continual monitoring and optimization to make sure advertising campaign keeps on track.

  • Ongoing reviews to evaluate PAY-PER-CLICK main performance indicators working with latest data analytic methods.

  • Quality reporting with suggestions to improve advertising campaign overall performance and achieve powerful RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

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