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Social Media marketing services for Miami local business. Web Design by Niva creates and maintains professional social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and more.


Social Media marketing for miami business

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool to attract the potential customers to your business. Social Media has demonstrated that they are an effective and potentially successful communication tool for businesses. The presence of a business can be improved quickly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube. Customers interact with brands via social media, so you are unable to catch the attention of potential customers if you are not boosting your social media presence.

The authority of your brand is established by making use of social media marketing strategy

Web Design by Niva is an experienced social media marketing company that complies with a simple strategy that leads to the success of any industry. It is very important establish a personalized social media marketing plan depending on the needs and the recommended objectives. You will receive transparent services and results during every stage of our social media marketing process. This is how we start up your social media marketing promotions:

Planning the social media campaigns is extremely important to plan the right marketing campaigns for higher engagement with the audience. Planning of a social media marketing campaign involves writing appealing content, producing creative graphics, and demographics. Building creative high performing social media ads can help your business reach the right target audience.

Set Social Media Marketing plan in line with business objectives. Effective setting goals is an important step for performance supervision and metrics calculation. The goals and objectives should be precise, trusted, practical, relevant and time frame.

Social Media Marketing campaign audit is helpful to understand different aspects just like effective strategy, audience types, platforms used, actions of competition, etc. Social Media Marketing Audit provide you with a clear imagine of your campaign and strategies to boost it.

Social media marketing campaign could be evaluated based on many metrics. The metrics may vary with the business website and social media platforms used in marketing strategy. Regular metrics include followers, shares, likes, reactions, website clicks, email sign-up, subscribers, customer reviews, testimonials and more.

An audience persona is the profile and visualization of a people which represent your ideal audience. Establishing an audience persona is a crucial step in the Social Media Marketing structure. It requires you to consider your target audience in different point of view including audience interests, choices, requirements, your followers, potential customers, etc. Social media networks are a wonderful way to obtain information about your audience and their possible choices.

Discovering and targeting competitors is necessary to boost your brand, we perform a market analysis to understand how your company is performing among competitors include followers, shares, likes, reactions, webpage clicks, E-mail sign-up, subscribers, customer feedback and more. Don’t assume all social media platform are ideal for most business. We first identify your goals and then analyze the results of every social media platform for the expansion of your business.

Here we will need to work on quality advertisements, content material, marketing actions, blogs, posts on social media platforms. Content is the King, for that reason we have been meticulous, creative, and careful while sharing your content.

From monitoring social media testimonials or reviews to customer feed-backs, let it stay in our hands. Setting up and designing campaigns aren’t enough. If you want to accomplish real progress, then you need to keep your social media campaigns engaging. Our social media management staff monitors your marketing campaigns and holds the attention of the most beneficial audience.

When, we have designed, created, and monitored your company marketing campaign, we finally finished the campaign, after that we track the performance of the entire campaign. If we find any issue in the social media marketing campaign, we’ll make sure to fix it as soon as possible. We keep track of engagement rates, target audience reach, leads and ROI on paid social media campaigns.

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Advantages Of Social Media Marketing for Miami local business

  • Better Management of Your Reputation.

  • Raising brand awareness.

  • Higher Customer Engagement.

  • Improving communication with your audiences.

  • Boost Conversion Rates.

  • User-friendly Content Distribution.

  • Considerably better Marketing Opportunities.

  • Build and understand Your Target audience in Detail.

  • Generate traffic to your website and social media pages.

  • Improve search engine ranking positions.

  • Building an effective internet presence.

  • Building a positive identity for your brand.

  • Boost revenue having a better conversion rate.

Social media marketing and optimization services for miami busines

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing?

In recent years, social media marketing has become a fundamental tool for the development and success of any business, creating opportunities to reach potential customers, interact with them and increase sales for your company. If you are not using social media, or your current marketing plan is not working as expected, then now is the time to make a change in your marketing strategy and push your business in the right direction.



Facebook Management: Connect with a wide target audience, perform advertisements, and share posts and videos.

Facebook Marketing for local Miami business
  • Page Creation

  • Facebook Cover and Profile Creation

  • Profile Optimization

  • Creative Image Creation

  • Timeline Status Posting

  • Post Sharing in Groups

  • Creation Of Facebook Polls

  • Group Join

  • Target Page Likes

  • Video Posting – Sharing

  • Call to Action Button Creation

  • Community or Event Page Creation

  • Responding To Comments

  • Facebook Insight Monitoring

  • Blogs Posting

  • Blogs Posting

Instagram Management: Share high-quality videos and photos of products, services, staff, and customers.

  • Page Creation

  • Profile Optimization

  • Instagram Image Sharing

  • Target Instagram Followers Increase

  • Hashtag Trend Research

  • Engagement Strategy

  • Instagram Stories, Re-posting and Poll Creations

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Upload Video and Sharing

  • Comments & Like Management

  • Image Tagging to Friends/Followers

  • Instagram Analytics Monitoring

Instagram Marketing for local Miami business

LinkedIn Management: Help to make professional relationships, share industry, company news, post and jobs.

LinkedIn Marketing for local Miami business
  • Profile Creation

  • Profile Optimization

  • LinkedIn Post – video Sharing

  • Targeted LinkedIn Connection

  • Company Page Creation

  • Company Page Follower Increase

  • Company Page Creative Banner

  • LinkedIn Performance Review

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Invite Connection to Like Your Page

  • Responding To Comments

  • Relevant Group Joining

  • Sharing In Groups

Pinterest Management: Share product photos, drive website traffic, and boost product sales.

  • Account Set Up or Optimization

  • Custom Pinterest Marketing Strategy

  • Pinterest Profile Creation

  • Pinterest Board Creation

  • Content Creation

  • Regular Posting on Boards

  • Business Account Creation

  • Increase Pinterest Followers

  • Following Relevant Pinners

  • Sourcing of Pin Board Content

  • Re-pinning of Relevant Content

  • Monthly Visitors Analysis

  • Follow Relevant Account and Boards

  • Inviting Relevant Pinners on Board

Pinterest Marketing for local Miami business

Twitter Management: Share timely news, created unique content and posting regularly

Twitter Marketing for local Miami business
  • Profile Creation

  • Profile Optimization

  • Profile & Background Picture Creation

  • Tweets Posting

  • Retweets

  • List Creation

  • Keyword Based Content Posting

  • Follow relevant accounts

  • Thanks Re-tweets and @mention

  • Active In Trending Hashtag

  • Following Industry Related People

  • Creation Of Moments

  • Twitter Analytics Monitoring

Youtube Management: Share educational videos, funny videos, product and services review videos.

  • Video Description Optimization

  • Video Tags Optimization Playlist Creation

  • Video Creation

  • YouTube Analytics Monitoring

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Video Backlinks

  • Channel Creation

  • Channel Pic & Cover Pic Creation

  • Channel Tags Optimization

  • Thumbnail Creation

  • Keyword Research

  • YouTube Status Posting

  • Video Title Optimization

YouTube Marketing for local Miami business

Using social media for marketing can allow small business to expand their audience across the web. Your clients are interacting with you through social media. If your business isn’t present on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and blogs, you aren’t giving it the chance to build relationships with your customers.

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Miami Website Design Services

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